We have the solution to solve the process”

Pangan Electronic Engineering Company with the brand name PECTRONIC has been identified as a leading knowledge-based company in the field of design and production of suitable and accurate equipment with special applications. The company can provide innovations to meet the needs of industrial automation by considering the economic efficiency, safety, and protection system. One of the biggest goals of the company is customer satisfaction, considering two features “high quality of construction and usability”

Production of all company products to meet this need, a quality research and development team is leading us to produce newer products. In this regard, newer products are added to our portfolio day by day.

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The structure of Pangan Electronic products

Technology and manufacturing of products are completely made in Iran and modern methods have been used in product design.


All products have 10 years of after-sales service and our experts are ready to provide technical support to solve your problems.


All products of the company (Pangan Electronic) are manufactured and have a minimum two-year warranty.

Type of on-site, mounted work Sample

• Tehran Water and Wastewater Company 

• Khuzestan Water and Wastewater Company

 • Southern Khorasan Water and Wastewater Company

 • Sarcheshmeh Copper Investment Company

 • Shiraz Grain production plant Company 

• Midook Copper Mine

 • Meybod Ceramic Tile Company 

• Golestan Grain and Commercial Services Company 

• Tabas Coal Washing Company 

• Kerman Water and Wastewater Company and other projects

Our partners in Pangan Electronics Company