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Adjust the level control and display information UCS2-UCS3 Series Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Basic applications

  • Continuous and non-contact measurement and pasty fluid level and flow into open channels Parshall, Venturi and overflow
  • Control the amount of discharge channels open to the standard output device Gargyry
  • suitable for oral hygiene fluid
  • measuring range up to 15 meters depending on the ultrasonic sensor measurements and materials < li> level limit detection
  • level and flow control to command the pump or solenoid valve (using the internal relay or for continuous outputs of 4-20mA)

Electrical floor sensor series LES 93

General purpose machine
⦁ level control to command tanks with pumps or solenoid valve connected to both digital
⦁ measure the level of material in the ponds, silos and tanks in industrial environments
⦁ switching control pond pumps containing liquids

Special applications Machine
⦁ measurement and control levels of tanks containing oil, sludge and viscous materials
⦁ dynamic and static level measurement
⦁ survey foaming water tanks and wells
⦁ improve efficiency Tickner


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